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All of the source code for the websites in the Metabolism of Cities network are open sourced. Our repository can be found on Github. We use the following technologies:

In order to meaningfully contribute to this project (or clone it and use it for your own purposes), you should ideally be comfortable with (or willing to learn about) the aforementioned technologies. You can make a meaningful contribution if you know either about python/Django, or about HTML/CSS/Javascript (allowing you to contribute with back-end or front-end programming, respectively).

The tech work on Metabolism of Cities has so far be done by a small number of people. However, we are very keen to get others involved. Due to the nature of the work, it would be ideal if you have a background both in urban metabolism/industrial ecology, and in web development. If you are not very familiar with our topic matter, but you are a keen programmer and willing to learn and spend time on this project, then we are happy to assist you in that journey.

To get the repository set up locally, please refer to our readme on Github. Furthermore, we have a set of introduction videos that walk you through our codebase. Have a look to get an idea of how things work. If you are ready to contribute, have a look at the task list below and pick a task of your liking. There is MUCH more to do than what is documented here, so you can also use the chatbox below to bring up additional ideas or questions.

Task list

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Expand the events section - create "Add Event" Button
Metabolism of Cities Community Hub
Programming work
Completed High priority
5 4 years ago
by Paul Hoekman
Make an events calendar for the Metabolism of Cities Community
Metabolism of Cities Community Hub
Programming work
Open Medium priority
5 4 years ago
by Kim Finlay