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Expand the events section - create "Add Event" Button

Created on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 09:56

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    Metabolism of Cities Community Hub
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    Programming work
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    Paul Hoekman

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Create an "Add Event" Button so that volunteers can add events to this page

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Discussion and updates

New task was created

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Status change: Open → In Progress

This has now been set up. If you go to the event list, you will see a link at the top to add a new event. This form can be filled out by any registered user. If the user has curation permission, then the button will read SAVE AND PUBLISH, and the event will be published right away. If the user doesn't have this permission, then the button will read SAVE and the event will be saved but unpublished. In that case, a new task will be created to review and publish the event.

Status change: In Progress → Completed

Yeees! Nice :)
Is there any way that you can make the location field into a "reference space" field?

The issue is that not all cities and places appear there, so anything out of the ordinary would make it impossible to fill it out. My idea is that the data entry person just enters the city, but the curator can later properly link it to a place - what do you think?

Puh, this sounds like a lot of extra steps for a little event, especially since the data entry person is already a registered user, so a review or linking step from another user is a bit much here. We can do this for now and then I'm hoping that we will soon have that magical list with all cities and are able to link it then in one go :) Or is that what you mean by later?

Well remember that now that registration is instant it means that we must have some level of control over our input. I think that in general for any user to directly publish on the site there needs to be some sort of a permission that is granted (could be automatically after reaching a certain point threshold). Any user without that permission uploading an event -> some review is needed. Could be very quick and take just a moment, but just to have some level of quality control. But we can see how it goes, we can adjust this as the situation demands.

But even if we have this go instant we gotta see about using reference space or not. Sometimes it makes sense to type something that is not a reference space (these days, "online" or "Zoom" come to mind). So I think we should add a reference space field to link it specifically to a city, but that can be separate from the location. In any case, let's see what comes in and adjust as we go along.