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Created on Tuesday 23 June 2020, 12:09

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    Metabolism of Cities Community Hub
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    General administrative work
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Found an organisation that isn’t in our list yet or want to add/edit information for it? Great!

The steps below will explain the way to do so. (Also available in this Google Doc) - Please provide a brief update of what was added in the work chat before you complete this work piece!

Log in to the Django back-end with your username and password:

Add organisation: Do so by clicking on the field “add organization” in the top right corner or using this link and fill in the following fields. Note: Only the Name and Type are mandatory fields, but the more complete an organisation’s profile is, the better.
Name: Please add the name of the organisation that is most commonly used and add its abbreviation in brackets, e.g. Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)
URL: Add the URL of the organisation, preferably to its English site.
Twitter: Add the URL to their Twitter page, not the handle, like e.g.
LinkedIn: Add the URL to their LinkedIn page.
Researchgate: Add the URL to their Researchgate page.
Logo: Save the logo of the organisation on your computer (with the organisation’s name as file name). Click on “browse” and select the logo of the organisation.
Processes: If the organisation engages in an economic activity, e.g. around agriculture, select the respective process.
Reference Spaces: Add the city / cities or country / countries, whichever is appropriate, in which the organisation operates in. You can start typing the name of the reference space and it will be selected from the list. If the city doesn’t exist yet, you can add it with the green plus on the right.
Description: Please add a description of the organisation. This can usually be found in the “About” page of their site and copied. Paste without formatting into the description field by using Ctrl + Shift + V (on a Mac: CMD + Shift + V)
Parent: This only needs to be chosen if the organisation is part of a bigger organisation, e.g. Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML) is a part of Leiden University. The parent organisation itself has to be part of the organisations list.
Type: Please select the type of the organisation.

Finally, press “Save”, so that your submitted organisation is actually added.

Edit organisation: Simply select and click one organisation and edit the fields there.

Finally, press “Save”, so that your edits are saved.

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