Simon Bolivar University

The Simón Bolívar University (Universidad Simón Bolívar in Spanish) or USB, is a public institution located in Miranda State, Venezuela with scientific and technological orientation. The Simón Bolívar University is the most prestigious science and technology university in the country and with relevant recognition in South America. It is the most selective higher education school in Venezuela.

The USB has graduated approximately 25,000 engineers, architects, urban planners and graduates, along with 5,000 specialists, masters and doctors. It was the first university in South America in setting and Urbanism Undergraduate Programme.

Apart from the Bachelor in Urbanism it has the IERU (Institute for Regional and Urban Studies) and a series of Postgraduate programmes on Environmental Management, Transport Planning and Urban Planning. Also there is a Research Group VUA (Vida Urbana y Ambiente, in Spanish) Urban Life and the Environment.