ISWA 2020 - International Solid Waste Association World Congress

The ISWA World Congress is the most prestigious international congress for the waste management sector, and Rotterdam is proud to host and organise the congress in 2020, in partnership with the NVRD. In 2020, the congress will focus on a wide range of issues such as separate collection and recycling, waste treatment, marine litter and the circular economy. These issues align with Rotterdam’s ambition to lead the pack when it comes to the circular economy. By 2050, waste will no longer exist in our city.

The ISWA World Congress is a global meeting which includes high level plenaries as well as technical site visits and a cultural and social programme where waste management professionals, government officials, industry leaders, policy makers, scientists and young professionals meet to exchange views and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for sustainable solid waste management.

The ISWA 2020 World Congress will create an interactive environment aiming to exchange views and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge on sustainable waste management. The guiding theme for the conference is the transition towards a regenerative economy. Leading topics of the congress will be:

  • Waste Treatment and Recycling
  • Circular and Low Carbon Economy
  • Innovation in Cities
  • Marine Litter
  • Construction and Demolition Waste

Different working formats and alternate room lay outs will be used in order to create focus and an engaging and interactive environment. The guiding theme of the conference will lead up to a statement or memorandum that will be developed during the days of the conference and which will be presented as a deliverable of the conference.

Conference topics will be further developed by the programme committee in close cooperation with the STC and Working Group members.

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